Introducing Speedpipe

Van Hessen is a leading global supplier for sausage makers all over the world. What Van Hessen brings to this traditional handcraft is innovation focused on quality, efficiency and hygiene. This is why Van Hessen is always driven to innovate and improve. And with the Speedpipe we do! The Speedpipe is a food-safer product that ensures improved efficiency and speed, while meeting all quality requirements. Van Hessen makes the Speedpipe available for no additional costs.

Group 18@2X

Food safe

Foreign Object reduction due to the integrated wing. The filling nozzle forces the wing into the Speedpipe where it remains while the natural casing easily slides over the filling nozzle. When the Speedpipe is removed from the filling nozzle, the wing remains fixed in the Speedpipe itself without any risk of loose parts.

Fully recyclable

The Pipe and wing are made of fully recyclable and of course food grade material. So not only good for the sausages but also good for the planet.


Reduced handling resulting in more efficiency and speed. At some applications even loading with one hand is possible. 

Easy to use

It takes only one simple action to slide the Speedpipe over the filling nozzle without removal of stoppers. The filling process has never been this easy or fast.

The next step in food safety

With the traditional pipe there was always a chance of loose objects finding their way into the food. With the Speedpipe this problem is gone! The integrated wing keeps the casings in place. It is possible to slide the pipe over the filling nozzle with just one hand. The filling nozzle forces the wing into the pipe, thus making it possible to create anyone’s favorite high-quality sausage in no time.

If you have any questions

Our sales representatives are more than happy to answer your questions and to demonstrate the superior quality of the new Van Hessen Speedpipe.

telephone: +31 180330100


Try it yourself

Feeling excited like we do? Or are you still a little skeptical? No problem! We’d love to stop by to give you a full demonstration of the Van Hessen Speedpipe. Simply make an appointment with your sales contact and we’ll gladly let you experience the ease and efficiency of the Speedpipe.